About us

Welcome to “Butcher” butchers!

„Butcher 1“

“Butcher 1” is a butcher shop specializing in beef and lamb. Our goal is to sell quality, locally produced meat with guaranteed hygiene. We only work with meat breeds. In our shop we produce all possible cuts of meat offering steaks, meat for grilling, meat for stew and minced meat products. The whole production process, including the meat in the storage and the working area, is fully transparent and visible to our clients.

We strive to provide the best possible service to our clients. Our customers know that all of our products are prepared in front of them and are cut on demand according to their individual needs. In our shop we have aging cabinets that we use for steaks like T-bone, antricot and chops. This method which has been widely used in Europe and the rest of the world alike, has recently begun to be used in Bulgaria. The ageing process allows the meat to become more tender and increase its taste.

We offer lamb year-round as well as the generally rare cuts of lamb chops and cutlets. We are passionate about improving our work in order to provide our customers with a variety of beef and lamb cuts. We make our meat so that it is easy to prepare and successfully cook in your kitchen.

„Butcher 2“

Our second shop, “Butcher 2”, is located next to our first, “Butcher”. Here you can find pork, with 20 different cuts of pork and many imported sausage and salami products not available in our first shop. The meat comes from farms in the Haskovo and Petrich regions. The design of our shop doesn’t give doubt to whether this is a Butcher shop, with open cutting and processing areas that allow you to see how your meat is being prepared.